What to lookout for when starting a brand?

What to lookout for when starting a brand?

Mistakes and questions. When starting a business in general, these will be 2 of the most common themes throughout business owners answers worldwide. However, with brands it is especially true. Starting a brand is not as easy as it may seem to people, and to those who start one thinking its easy and straight profit, are normally out of business before you know it.

Mistakes should not be looked at as failures, but rather what forms a foundation for your brand. Mistakes is an unusual topic, but ask any brand that’s been around for a few years, there general consensus is there early mistakes are some of the best things to happen to them and there business development. Mistakes, whilst forming a foundation for your brand, can in most instances be easily avoided if you order samples. Ordering samples allows for you to not only physically hold and test the products materials and quality but also to see for any modifications that need to be made. Quality checks are essential on samples, to ensure your bulk order is as perfect as you’d like it to be. Little mistakes a lot of people make is misspelling in the design, and incorrect grammar, so be sure to carefully look over all designs for minor errors. With all this in mind, it’s fairly to easy to make a variety of mistakes, which is ok, but always check and run over all your products and processes to save yourself a lot of time and money.

Secondly, the questions you are likely to be asked will vary but maintain a theme of the why’s and how’s of the business. People will commonly ask why you started your business, and you should be able to answer these questions accordingly if your trying to build something valuable. My answer to this question is always, “I recognised there wasn’t a brand representing the mountains, so I took the opportunity to capitalise on the gap, and through this created a foundation for something in the bigger picture, which is to have a brand people can affiliate with being built from the Blue Mountains” (as seen in the photo). Other questions may include “How do you make this stuff” and “What does it cost to make”, of course it’s up to you how you answer these questions. Although Questions can be repetitive as you are being asked them a lot, it is a different person asking the questions every time, so give them the same answer you would anyone else. Although it can be quite exhausting, people asking questions is them showing a general interest in what you’re doing so answer with attention and informative education, to help people learn.


Thank you for reading my second blog post, for anyone looking to start a brand remember both mistakes and questions are natural occurrences throughout the birth of a brand, but keep on keeping on and learn from every thing that happens.

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