At the time of writing this, we are currently a fortnight into the new year. Last year I wrote my plan for Helos in 2021 in the middle of March. However, this year I’ve decided to approach this much more proactively.


2021. What a year. Admittedly, what I wrote last year for my ambitions didn’t fully materialise for a multitude of reasons.

  1. I was a full-time uni student working 2 other jobs. No matter how hard I worked I was always sacrificing time on Helos.
  2. Spicy cough did some more destruction.
  3. I bit off more than I could chew as I typically do.


However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. I met and linked up with some amazing people last year including CG Fez, Young 6ix, Killian, AYEF, MRVZ, Red Honcho, KahukX & of course the boys from the Two7Project (Bombr, Kyle & Nickeh). Despite the lockdowns, meeting these people and learning about their professions and cultures truly made the time we had out of lockdown worth it for Helos.


The reason I mention the people above is because they have inspired 1 of my 2 major goals for 2022 - a podcast. I have said since 2019 & the rise of Manu Crooks, OneFour etc. that Sydney is on the verge of a hip-hop / street based cultural boom. TheKidLaroi is a great example of this. However, if we look at Los Angeles, London, New York & Philadelphia - all major rap cities, they have multiple platforms where the music industry, athletes and creatives can tell their stories. In Australia we have such limited platforms where talent can do as such.


Hence in 2022 you’ll see and witness the beginning of Helos & Homies, a podcast where Australian based talent such as musicians, producers, athletes & creatives can tell their stories through a relatable platform. Hosted by yours truly.


As I mentioned, the podcast was 1 of 2 goals for 2022. The second one being to level up in brand experience through product & packaging.


In terms of products, I can confidently say that the first 2 drops of 2022 will be Corduroy Hats & ‘The Essence’ tees in earth-based colours. After these I am not overloading on product ideas rather focusing on quality of drops. In 2022 (God-willing), you’ll see hoodies with print rather than embroidery, puffer jackets, cotton / basketball shorts & retro tees. Anything else is just a bonus. Like I’ve said, my emphasis this year is on quality and with the podcast launching, I am determined to balance both rather than let one too far outweigh the other.


Two weeks into 2022, it’s fair to say I am beyond excited to truly take on this endeavour of a small business. I have a lot to learn and invest both financially and time wise. However, I am fully prepared for what is ahead and determined to turn Helos into a movement and brand that the people trust.


I wish nothing but wealth and health of the mind, body, and soul in 2022 to whoever is reading this. Let’s get it.

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