The Plan for 2021.

The Plan for 2021.

At the time of writing this, we are currently 2 and a half months into 2021 already. The start of this year has been nothing less then laying foundations and building upon them for the brand.

However I wanted to put into the public sphere what the plan is for this brand in 2021. Putting it out to the public may just be the extra push I need.


It’s no secret I run this brand solely so I have no doubt in my mind this year may be exhausting. In saying this, it’s something I’m grateful to even have an opportunity to do. This ‘opportunity’ to run a brand excites me considering the two major face elements, Content and Product. Both are two things I am yet to scratch the surface of but cannot wait to begin.


So far in 2021, 3 major things have been achieved. The first being the rebrand and new logo which has given a much needed lift to the brand and a fresh and revitalised image. The second has been meeting and working with Cg Fez and Young6ix. Both immense talents in the emerging rap scene out of Western Sydney that both bring energy and presence to any song they appear on. Thirdly, Pre-Orders for Hoodies which have enabled me to stabilise the brand better.


The re branding done by @hryjksn has completely transformed the brand. The new logo encapsulates so many relevant aspects fo Helos and allows me to have a logo that is unique yet not dull. This logo was exactly what was needed before I dive into the endeavours I have for this year both content and product wise.



This year I plan to launch a video series called “Time4Talent”. It is between a 7-12 minute documentary style form of video content that per episode dives into a local talent from Sydney. The videos will include visuals never seen before, small interviews, clips from their past and present and more importantly who these artists, athletes and talents truly are. Personally, I believe Australia especially areas such as Western Sydney are on the verge of a cultural boom. Music, Sport, Clothing, Art and much more are all being brought to the global forefront. Whilst this is happening I believe more content is needed so fans are better able to understand and see who they support. After meeting both Cg Fez and Young6ix, I was astounded and how mature they both were and how they hold themselves. Meeting these two only further inspired me to act on these ideas. I believe it is especially crucial to see these individuals in a light that is not media trained, where they are relaxed and can be more inclined to express themselves as an artist.


Building on this I’d also like to launch a interview / podcast series. This form of content would be roughly an hour or even longer. It will include myself interviewing various figures within music, sports, arts and media. Im yet to have a name for it however ‘The Helos Hour’ is starting to seem like the go. Once again I aim for this content to be where these people can truly be themselves and express who they are. I want the fans to hear what they plan to achieve, where they come from, how they made it to where they are plus much more. There is so much more to these public figures then we know and see.


The ultimate goal of both these series is to showcase who these people are truly. Too often risk takers and individuals who defy the odds are often met with large amounts of criticism from those who don’t take risks and those who don’t understand who these people are. Whilst both these ideas will clearly help the brand, I believe they will have a lot more to offer to the individuals in the episodes and series rather than the brand and rightfully so.



As you may or may not have seen, Hoodies are already back for Pre-Order in the original design. Black, Pink, Sage, Grey, Orange and Navy are all the colours returning from 2020. However, Tan, Beige, Lavender and Slate Blue are all being added to the Hoodie collection within the next few weeks. These colours are all based on earth tones and all arriving based on customer feedback and input.

This winter I plan to release Puffer Jackets. These will have the new logo on the chest, custom tags and a small logo on the left arm. These will take a few months to release as I plan to make sure they are as close to perfect as I can get.  They are inspired by how dominant they are in the UK and purely for how cold Sydney can get especially my hometown (Blue Mountains).

From that, will be long sleeves, headwear and some new tees that are retro style based with a helos spin to them. I can’t say what will be released after winter as we all know how vastly the fashion landscape changes, just as my mind does too.



Overall, this is the plan for 2021 so far. I figured best to have it out to the public to have as a reminder and a constant push. I believe brands have a huge part to play in Culture and need to represent much more then clothes. I may fall flat on my face trying to create something here but it's much more worth living with a small loss then a huge regret. Heres to 2021, the year Helos becomes much more then a Hoodie or Shirt…

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