Pro's and Con's of running a brand by yourself.

Pro's and Con's of running a brand by yourself.

Since the age of 16, I’ve run Helos & Co by myself. Running a brand by myself, has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever partaken in, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. For now, my brand is tiny compared to others. I run it out of my garage at home, package all orders myself, do all deliveries within my own area myself or with my cousin and have total control over all stock.

However, it is not all sunshine and daisies and some of the challenges and obstacles I face are hard to get over.


First, we’ll start with the PRO’S of running a brand by yourself.

1. Having total control.

  • Having total control over all stock can be a great thing, especially if your a person like me who likes to be in control. Being able to count and manage stock along packaging orders by yourself is very honest work, but also very rewarding at the same time. Furthermore, when running a brand or small company by yourself, theres no arguments over what should and shouldn’t be stocked, merely just what you like, and feel will resonate with the end consumer.


2. No-one to blame.

  • A person can become a lot more powerful when they are the only person they can blame if things go wrong. Taking accountability for when the brand is going well is always nice, but what is more powerful and moving is owning your wrongs for when the brand isn’t going well. Mistakes are merely human nature, but running a small brand or company by yourself allows you to take full accountability of your mistakes and move forward.


3. Learning different skills.

  • The skills I’ve learnt from running a brand are a wide and various range. Ive been able to build a shopify store from scratch and incorporate every thing I’ve wanted to onto the website. Furthermore, I’ve learnt the art of communication through business standards which has been a huge learning curve. Ive learnt major marketing skills, but still yet to execute them. I’ve learnt so much about clothing and e-commerce since starting I’m able to offer help and advice to others looking to start in the market, which is such a great feeling.


4. Networking.

  • The 4th and most valuable pro of running a small brand to myself has been being able to network with individuals. Ive been lucky enough to be in contact with footballers, designers, photographers, musicians and artists. Along with this I’ve been able to make great relationships with my suppliers. These are all key relationships I’ve built and will continue to build on. Wether this brand continues for years to come or doesn’t, the one thing I take from this is my network, which could prove pivotal in my future.


Secondly, the CON’S of running a brand by myself.

1. Financial Implications.

  • Running a small company, where all profit can be kept for yourself sounds rather enjoyable. Unfortunately what most people do not realise is that small companies are normally not profitable for the first few years of existence, instead they are making small investments where they can and all profit goes back into developing the business. All out of your own pocket if things don’t go well.


2. Work Load

  • The work load that can come with running a small brand or side hustle by yourself can be immense. Luckily a lot of the photography and modelling is done by my best mates. However the other ends of the business that nobody sees where you are packaging and processing orders by yourself, learning how to improve your website in so many different ways possible, figuring out what to order and how much, along with social media management can be exhausting. However theres nothing to complain about if you truly enjoy what your doing!




3. Being Overwhelmed

  • As great as running a brand by yourself can be, it can also be one of the most draining and exhausting things you partake in. As stated, there is a lot that goes in behind the scenes that nobody will ever see, endless hours to be exact. However if you truly love what your doing you’ll manage it but when things aren’t going well it can be hard to stick with it as I’ve found out myself twice now. I stuck with it through some really tough spots and now I’ve slowly started moving forward thanks to releasing a pink hoodie (who would’ve thought).


As always, I hope you can take something useful from this little blog that can be applicable to your ideas or thoughts in running a small company or side hustle by yourself. All these points are everything I’ve experienced, these may differ for individual in the same position but I hope if starting your own side hustle you can take in everything I’ve wrote here!


Thank you for reading.

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Keep going mate, don’t stop. Your doing great










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